Loft conversion costs

The type of loft conversion you plan on can depend on many things;

The main thing that will affect the price of loft conversion is the style, number, and size.  As an addition to this, are all the other costs involved in the loft conversion.

Architectural Plans: You will need to have plans for your loft conversion drawn up by an architect, laying out the design for the project. Our architectural plan's costs are £1,200 + VAT.  


Structural Plans & Calculation: You will need to have Structural plans and calculations drawn up by Structure engineer for your loft conversion as part of building control submission. Our cost for this is £800

Planning Permission:  Most loft conversions will not require planning permission as they are considered permitted developments. However, depending on the scale of the work, and other factors such as its impact on the street scene, planning permission may be required. Applying for planning permission currently costs £172

Building regulation costs: Regardless of your planning status, your loft conversion will have to be inspected by the building regulations department of your local authority to ensure it is being constructed in accordance with the rules, making sure it complies with things like fire safety, access, floor strength and so on. Submitting the plans for inspection and having on-site inspections can cost between around £400 and £800. You may also need to have a Party Wall Agreement if your work will impact any adjoining properties, This requires your neighbors to agree to the work taking place. You are liable for costs such as their surveyor and any damage to their home which may occur as part of the works. 

  • Velux – the least expensive option involves affixing one or two windows to the roof in order to introduce light. Cost: £21,000-£41,000.

  • Dormer – the most common type of loft extension in the UK today, the Dormer is a small flat-roofed extension with a window. It’s common to have two of these on the one roof for the sake of symmetry. But side dormers and even L-shaped Dormers (where an extension is added to the rear of the Dormer) are possible too. In the case of the latter, it could result in up to four new rooms. Cost: from £31,000-£58,000 for a standard Dormer and £40,000-£60,000 for an L-shaped Dormer.

  • Hip to Gable – this is whether either one or both of the end sloping parts of the roof are replaced with a gable wall. Cost: £42.000-£65,000.

  • Mansard – the most extensive option, a Mansard extension means replacing one whole side of the roof to form a straight wall and flat roof. It could mean extending both sides, resulting in a whole new story. The renovation is major and would involve planning permission (later). Cost: £45,000-£75,000. 

- adding a staircase, insulating the space, strengthening the floors, fixtures, and fittings and so on. We have found that the standard cost of a dormer loft conversion ranges from around £30,000 to nearly £60,000 depending on the size and scope, with a typical price coming in around £45,000.


Land Lords:

Pamas Property Services is not built around the traditional model of property management. Every property we manage is visited by the whole team. We take the time to meet our clients and, importantly, the tenants too.


Many landlords use lettings agents to oversee the upkeep of their properties but this can sometimes be of low priority to the agent, and sadly, landlords do not always get value for money. All too often busy estate agents have a small team who may not ever see the inside of the property, and on hearing about a problem they call a third party contractor who collects keys and visits the property unaccompanied. This can often be an expensive way of dealing with what might be as simple problem as a blown fuse. In many cases we are able to solve problems on our own with no need to call out third parties.


We take the time to meet our clients and, importantly, the tenants too. They are an integral part of the package and their happiness is paramount in the long term. In many cases, our landlords are able to attract higher rents and experience fewer vacant periods due to the level of service we offer.


All of our clients and tenants are granted access to our management portal which includes an online site as well as Ipad, Iphone and Android apps. From here they can inform us of maintenance and other issues, make requests as well as track the progress of the tasks we have to do. Our system offers our clients a unique way of managing their property no matter where they are in the world.


Clients On Vacation:

Many of our clients spend time away from their homes. Whether it is a short business trip or a longer vacation, we can remove the worry of leaving the house unattended. Unlike a begrudging neighbour or a family member, we deliver a professional service ensuring the property is checked thoroughly each day. Often our clients return to find their home better than when they left with bins emptied, post sorted and the fridge restocked.


Many of our clients opt to undertake repairs or other odd jobs while they are away. We coordinate with clients to manage necessary renovations and redecoration when the properties are vacant. Our clients avoid the upheaval, dust and disruption that these types of work normally generate and instead, return home to a refreshed and expertly maintained house or flat.

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